Ruyi – Berło

Ruyi Scepter




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Chiny dynastia Qing k. XVIII w.

China Qing Dynasty end of 18th c.

Cynobrowa Laka

Cinnabar Lacquer

Długość 47 cm

Length 47 cm

The Ruyi (as you wish) Scepter is a “Symbol of Good Fortune and Prosperity” was presented to the Emperor or other members of the imperial family as auspicious gift to bring good fortune but also as the Emperor’s gift to his loyal subjects.

Head of our cinnabar lacquer scepter is finely carved with God of Longevity scene in the garden – Shou Hsing who offers the peach –tao or thau – symbolic fruit of immorality, spring and emblem of marriage. The oval middle section of scepter is carved with bat symbolize long life, riches and health, and double-fish unity, marriage, wealth and abundance. The rounded end carved with peony.